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#Players FAQ

#How do I file a bug report?

If you run into a bug please file an issue on our github:

#Do I need to download files every time I open the game?

No, the client files are stored locally inside your Chrome storage. You can see the on-disk usage at the bottom of the server list. Optionally you can clear the storage, but this will of course result in needing to re-download the files next time you click Play.

#Why do I need to login using Discord?

Primarily, authentication helps us prevent cheating as shard owners can choose to ban people via Discord account rather than just an IP which can be easily changed.

In the future we have plans to store user profiles in the cloud, so you can go to any device and keep your same macros, scripts, hotkeys from device to device.

#Will there be an assistant like Razor?

A web based assistant is in development at the moment which will support similar functionality to Razor.

#How can I increase my FPS past 60/120/144?

Currently, Chrome uses VSYNC which locks your FPS to your monitors refresh rate, e.g. 60HZ -> 60fps. You can unlock your FPS using Chrome flags, though we don't officially support that, and it's probably not necessary.

#Can I use multiple accounts?

ClassicUO Web supports multiple tabs open, however you will see reduced performance as a result. Always check your shards rules first.

#What do I do if the game freezes?

You will need to refresh the tab and reload into the game. If you can reproduce the crash please file a bug report on Discord.

#What do I do if the game runs poorly?

You can try to check if the Hardware acceleration option is enabled